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Strategic Planning | Profitability and Cost Analysis | Programs, Services and Products | Contract Negotiations | Strategic Alliance Formation | Strategy Development | Finance and Budgeting | Cost Management | Policy and Procedure Development | Team Development and Training | Industry Regulations and Relations | Performance Improvement | Stakeholder Management


  • Driving the Prototyping team at MagicLeap in the creation of a new, experimental interactive experience for a spatial computing (AR) platform. 


  • Oversaw all production for Immersive Department VR/AR/Location-Based/Theme Park experiences and supervised creative teams deliver projects related to Location Based Entertainment at The Third Floor Inc.


  • Headed creative teams in producing overall cinematics’ for Microsoft 1st Party AAA game and new experimental interactive cutscene for Sony Playstation 1st Party AAA game at FrameMachine.


  • Fostered a productive relationship with Warner Bros to deliver a high profile LBE project at Wevr while ensuring the project was completed on time and within budget.


  • Directed the external production for multiple popular mobile titles, such as DragonVale (live ops) Transformers: Earth Wars, Monopoly Towns, Dungeon and Dragons: BattleKeep (Beta), and Monopoly Match (mid-production) at Backflip Studios.


  • Led app development for various Television Network Shows/brands, including Jake’s Neverland Pirate School, Minnie’s Puzzle App, MotorCity Drive, MMCH Roadrally, Doc McStuffins: Time For Your Checkup, and Disney Super Speedway at ABC/Disney.


  • Supervised the execution of diverse projects and coordinated multiple level producers with external production teams at Codemasters Software while serving as the United States contact for Microsoft and Sony


  • Administered a AAA game budget at Oddworld Inhabitants while successfully managing the delivery of several projects concurrently.


  • Designed the concept for intellectual property on next-generation consoles (PS3/Xbox 360) at Oddworld Inhabitants and partnered with the publisher to devise and implement marketing/PR strategies.

  • Collaborated in the creation of the Interstate 82 universe and storyline at Activision Studios while developing schedules, art assets, artificial intelligence, mission design, and script.


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